The Most Important Things You Should Know Before You Visit Japan

There is no doubt that Japan is a great tourist destination for those who want to travel, There you will find a smooth mix of ancient traditions and modern technology, You will also discover stunning scenery just a short train journey from bustling cities to quiet areas, If you are heading to Japan for a short break, There’s so much you need to know before you get there, you may have heard before that the Japanese people have strict forms of ethics, But you may not realize that some of your habits may be completely incompatible with Japanese culture. For example, Laughing loud often faces embarrassed by the Japanese.

These are the most important things you should know before you visit Japan.

Monetary rules

Although Japan is a paragon of technology, when it comes to credit cards, the country is very old, Until today, many Japanese shops and restaurants will only accept payment in cash until public transport, especially buses and trains accept cash only, Usually your hotel and some supermarkets agree on credit, but you should always check that you keep a large set of yen in your wallet.

The Sound

Speak quietly in public places Your voice level and the content of your conversation is critical in Japan, everyone in Japan is aware of the fact that they share space with others, Therefore, sound levels are always kept at a low level in public places.

The Activities

Japan is home to many unique activities, games, and gameshows. You may have seen some of their game shows on late night tv. You most likely have heard of Pokemon as well. You can often see people playing Pokemon Go, a mobile phone game that requires you to travel to different places in the real world to achieve objectives in the game. My boss who runs a Little Rock, AR garage door repair business plays this game with his kids. It is very popular.

Eat the food

If you do not know how to use chopsticks you should train, you cannot always ask for thorns. You do not have to occupy yourself so no one will judge you how bad you are using chopsticks if you face a lot of trouble there are plenty of dishes that do not need chopsticks like sushi and yakitori.


Using Technology Less Japan has a good reputation at the top of the world’s technologies. The cars and robots that come from Japan are essential components of the economy. However, daily life has not realized these recent developments. Government companies and institutions still use paper and pencil to a large extent.


Metro tunnels do not work 24 hours It may seem shocking that a country full of amenities does not have a 24-hour train system – but this is true – even in Tokyo, some bus systems may end early in the evening. Before or after midnight, if you miss the last train, you can return by taxi if you are willing to pay the added percentages at night.


When in Japan do as the Japanese do before you go to Japan Know about your behavior First, in Tokyo people stay to the left of the elevator if they are not in a hurry to make room for those who want to climb first and it prohibits photography in shops and other places; It is best to ask permission before you shoot if you do not want to be called in public.

Weather and clothing

There is no better season to travel in Japan because all classes have their own unique experiences, you will find yourself wanting to travel in all four seasons. During the winter you can enjoy the highlights that illuminate the city with its twinkling lights. As you go skiing, In the spring, Japan is transformed into a fascinating place that catches a glimpse of pink flowers, you can also go to Ueno Park to see cherry blossoms.

In the summer, many people wear Yukata clothes and attend Japanese festivals with their friends and families, Experience a Japanese festival even if for once in your life an unforgettable experience, Imagine a row of food stalls, festival games, and fireworks afterward, even though Japanese summer is sometimes unbearable due to heat, You can eat the delicious kakiguri (Japanese ice-cream), which is sold in Japan’s Maturis, When autumn falls, maple and other trees will appear red and yellow and beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere.